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Restringings and grips replaced
Frame and grip customising
Attention to detail is everything.
Ensure the person you trust your racquets to is quailifed as a Certified Stringer and that they participate in annual professional development training.
Frame customising
If you know your 'specs' already or have a "favourite" then we can match similar racquets.
Accuracy tolerance: weight +/- 0.5g & swing weight +/- 0.5kg.cm2
Racquet Weight and Swingweight

We make sure every racquet you pull out of your bag weighs and plays exactly the same.
Racquet matching

If you have 2 or more of the same racquet then the frames should have the same specs presumably? Manufacturers only give an average of the listed specifications in a batch. Differences in any batch can be noticeable to many players. Your racquets will ALL feel the same after matching the weight, balance and swingweight. With all of our equipment and knowledge, we are able to match your racquets with exact precision.
We will
very accurately measure
the balance, weight and
swing-weight. We can then
tune and match your racquets
giving you consistency and peace of mind so you can focus on your technique and
win more matches
Racquet matching from spec or with 2 or more of the same racquet
Additional costs will be incurred if the grip, grommets or bumperguard need replacing during this precise process. And you'll need them restrung of course.
Email us for enquiries about customising your racquets.
Grip customising
Custom Grip Molding Every hand is different and every one wants to feel a different grip. Our grip molding will meet your exact handle specifications.
Handle size increase from a half to 2 full grip size.
Each size increase may add weight and changes the swingweight.  We stock shink sleeves and  handle pallets plus butt caps to suit. You will also need a new grip.

Grommets and bumperguard
Grommet sets and bumperguards We have access to these through manufacturers and for older models have access through Grommets Network through the USRSA and the IART and the ERSA.

Individual Grommets We use Fittex replacement grommets, and as a last resort either Teflon tubing or nylon tubing.

Rattles and loose bits
Rattles We can usually get the loose bits of graphite out and if not we usually trap them to stop the noise.

Email us for enquiries about customising your racquets.

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