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Restringings and grips replaced
Same Day or Overnight service - 7 days
FREE premium overgrip installed with restrings
Racquet Stringing Service

We will restring your racquet on our Babolat Star 5 electronic
stringing machine using worlds Best Practice stringing methods.

Price Guide 2018 with some examples

over 40 tennis strings to choose from

Price includes labour, string and
a FREE premium overgrip installed

Tennis restrings  $37 - $52

Head/Babolat/Prince/Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut - $37

Babolat RPM Blast / Pro Hurricane Tour - $42

Pro Red Code / Luxilon Savage / Volkl Cyclone - $42

Luxilon Alu Power/ Rough / 4G - $47

Wilson Sensation - $42

Tecnifibre NRG2 - $47

Tecnifibre X-One Bi-Phase - $52

Natural Gut
- $POA

Restring only (BYO string) - $25
(*see notes at bottom of this page)

Squash restrings  $37 - $44

Karakal Nano 125 - $37

Ashaway SuperNick XL - $42

Ashaway PowerNick Red - $44

Tecnifibre 305 - $44

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Yes, we stock:
String - Huge range
Tennis string
Squash string
Tennis balls
Squash balls
Grips & Overgrips
Squash grips
Vibration Dampeners
Ball Clips
String Savers
Head/Crash Tape

Email us for a quote to restring your racquet.
Replacement Grip supplied and fitted

Individual broken grommets replaced

Grips resized

Bumper guard/ grommet strip supplied and fitted

You supply the grommet strip for fitting - $12


Tennis balls (can of 4) - $12

Overgrips - $3

Vibration Dampeners - $3

String savers packet - Babolat Elastocross - $16

Tourna Power Strips adhesive lead - $11

Karakal Crashtape head tape - $10

Ball Clip - $10
Email us for a quote to restring your racquet.
*Restring Only $25 pricing excludes:
**Restring only - natural gut restrings** $35
dual plane tennis racquets $45
ultra dense string patterns $65

**As a Certified Stringer I will take utmost care of you racquet and stringing with your natural gut string but I will not guarantee the restring or replace the string if it breaks during stringing. This is because the quality of natural gut varies wildly and if it is imported they are often old, brittle and may have been damaged during postage. Once the first string is pulled the restring labour charge applies.

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