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Restringings and grips replaced
Same Day or Overnight service  - 7 days

FREE premium overgrip installed with restrings

Your racquets will be strung on our Babolat Star 5 electronic stringing machine using worlds Best Practice stringing methods.
Will is a pro stringer; not a coach that strings but a professional dedicated to his craft.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional to look after your racquets, please call.

Professional restrings at a competitive price
Will is a Certified Stringer and a current member of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians, the United States Racquet Stringers Association and the European Racquet Stringers Association.
Professional Stringing - Consistency is the key. We record everything we do and use the same electronic machine, same techniques and same patterns to provide you with the same feeling restring every time.
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US Racquet Stringers Assoc

The 2016 (International Alliance of Racquet Technicians) Technical Symposium was held in Chicago USA.The home of Wilson!  It is an annual conference, unique in the world. Stringers attend from around the globe. I went in 2013. 5 days of just racquet service knowledge and the latest techniques covering:

Stringing - all levels
Aesthetics of stringing
Racquet frame and grip customisation
String technologies
Racquet technologies
Machine repair and maintenance
Tournament stringing
String applications
Social media marketing
Customer service

FREE tennis racquet string check
using the electronic
ERT-300 Racquet String bed tension computer.

You may have seen the pro's using one of these in the players lounge and on court checking their racquets.

It's a precision electronic device made in Switzerland that assesses how much elasticity is left in the string & calculates the Dynamic Tension (DT). We record the DT when your tennis racquets are strung so a comparison can be made to assess whether the racquet has lost too much tension and needs restringing.
Don't buy a new racquet until you've read this!
Bumper guard worn through, grip worn out or need a new overgrip,
cracked or broken, need a bigger grip size?
No problems.

We can usually sort any of these when we restring your racquet.
Email us for a quote to restring your racquet.
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